Sam's Family

My Mother:
Is one of the strongest women I know. She never fails to get exactly what she is after - and she is also the most giving person you will ever meet. I learned that giving doesn't mean recieving from her. If we even have a little left, it is better to pay forward and make someone else happy if you can. You never know who might need it or who you touch. My favorite memory is every Christmas we have ever spent together. No one loves Christmas more than my mother - the decorations, the songs, the food and the horrible 90s Christmas sweaters! I am so thankful, they have been removed from your closet over time.

My Papi:
Is my hero. Even right before my wedding, I know there is no man that will love me as much as my father does. My favorite memory: eating icecream after school. Even if my Papi worked 20 hour days, he was always able to take an hour and go for icecream with me.

My Brother:
Is silly. And I have pictures to prove it! He's one of the most loving people I know, who will bend over backwards to help someone that he doesn't even know. My favorite memory: The time I painted a mustace on him while he was sleeping and no one told him! He finally realized it when he went to shower later. Watching him eat cereal with a Gaucho Mustach - hillarious!

My Sister:
Is the qiuetest person in the Harrison Madhouse! That doesn't mean she is any less mad. My favorite memory is her making tomatoes and eggs in the kitchen when we were home from school. She's also the reason we call chilli paste "children's ketchup" - because that is exactly how we used it. We spent 2 years in the same room - and managed it some how without any huge fights. Even when we fought, it took an hour and we were back to being as thick as thieves!