Her Story

The proposal was very suprising! For weeks I had been nagging him whether he had found a ring and showing him rings that I liked. If I had only known.

Chris picked me up from my late shift, while I had been working in Zürich. During the drive home, he asked me if it was really so important that I recieve an engagement ring! And I got really mad and loud! I knew that our feelings and relationship wouldn't change with a ring but I wanted it to remind me of the journey we had taken together and we would walk together forever.

Arrived at home, I marched through the front door alone and the first thing I saw was lots of candles. And again I was irritated – what was he thinking!? The house could have burned down!
Chris took his time – or at least it felt like it. He took his Jacket off and came to me in the kitchen. He took my hands and told me how mich I meant to him and the „Forever“ doesn't change just because of this step that he's taking. He showed me the ring that he was hiding behind his back and got down on both knees.

My first thought - „why both knees? I thought you only get down on one?“ and then „Oh god! He's going to ask me to marry him!“...

Of course I said yes!